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Just a few short years out of school, I had my first burnout breakdown at work as an Occupational Therapist. I cried. I was mad. I wasn’t sure what to do. My short time in the healthcare industry taught me one thing, that employee stress, burnout, and anxiety was rampant in the healthcare industry. We all became healthcare providers to help people, so what can we do to deal with the things that make our jobs hell?

You may not even know it's happening until it's too late.

After making some changes in my life, I got myself together, and did not serious thinking. I realized…

If this happened to me, it has happened to others. We need to help each other.

If you can relate to my story, if you’re stressed and over-worked, burnt out or nearing burnout, and have the Sunday scaries, anxious about work on Monday, then my courses are exactly for you. Let me help you by using my knowledge of mental health and wellness from Occupational Therapy, current research on work related stress, burnout, and anxiety,  and stories and interviews of other healthcare workers dealing with these issues and how they squash them like the gross little bugs they are. Let’s slay your burnout beast!

Check out the all the juicy content below! A little something for everyone.

Whether you are a clinician, manager, administrator, or something else. My courses on how to manage work related stress, burnout, and anxiety in the healthcare industry include something for everyone. Even if you don’t see yourself as having a problem, you can always learn something new. Maybe a better way to organize, increase productivity, deal more effectively with those difficult patients and co-workers, or generally how to see more joy in life, be mindful, or be more grateful.

How about we make a deal? You check out a few of our freebies and see what you think? Please email and give us any feedback, negative or positive. Our door is always open, and we want to hear what customers think. Want to see more of something we don’t have? Want to see a totally different topic? Want us to expand on a current course. Let us know!

But first, the free stuff. Every week. And that's not a typo.

So many freebies we needed a whole page!

Mini Courses

Bite sized courses PACKED with info on a variety of topics including how to improve your joy, energy, and time! How apt! Mini courses are a huge bang for your buck. Heavy on the content, light on your time and wallet!
Not a healthcare provider? No worries! Mini-courses are not industry specific. Anyone can implement these lessons into their daily life.


Bash the Burnout for Healthcare Providers

Specifically designed for healthcare providers in all fields, this program will help manage your unique burnout, stress, and anxiety related symptoms only the healthcare environment can create.

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