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Introducing Revamp Your Joy!

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Work-life Balance is a MYTH.

As healthcare professionals, the daily grind can have us taking work home with us. Sometimes we make the mistake of defining ourselves by what we do for a living, and if work isn’t going so well, then neither is your life. Flipping on auto-pilot at work can spill over into your personal life, and inadvertently block out the things that give your life meaning outside of work.

I had the WORST relationship with work that affected every part of my life. I basically had NO boundaries at work. I was trying to cope with stress in ways that actually depleted my energy and made me feel even worse. To be honest, I wasn’t happy at all. I was just so busy “doing” all the time and not “being”. Family, co-workers, and my husband Mike began to take notice that I was more anxious than usual.

In this Joy Energy Time mini course, I drop some knowledge bombs, teach you how to cultivate work-life harmony by managing your stress effectively, help you shift your mindset, and provide you with the tools to live a profoundly satisfying life every day!

  • Are you a healthcare professional dealing with moderate to high levels of stress at work?
  • Are you feeling emotionally and physically depleted, even on off days?
  • Do you LIVE for your days off, assuming they will bring you happiness?
  • Are you not quite sure how to cultivate work-life harmony?
  • Do you find yourself sometimes if not always detached, unenthusiastic, unempathetic with your patients?
  • Do you find yourself coping with stress in unhealthy ways, such as escaping with TV, social media, alcohol, etc?

Any of these sound like you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may be struggling to find work-life harmony and you are susceptible to burning out.

Well, we have created the perfect course for YOU!

Whether you are a physician, nurse, allied health, or healthcare administration, your best investment is in you and your mental health.

Get an Occupational Therapist's perspective!

What you get:

  • A 70 minute, 6 module presentation by Erika del Pozo MOT, OTR/L covering multiple topics on work-life balance, mindfulness, increasing your joy through evidence based practices from the field of Occupational Therapy, stress management solutions, and much more.
  • Resource toolkit including a workbook to create your personalized stress management plan and a goal setting guide
  • PLUS, Erika will email you each month with member only newsletter tips and resources!

This course will help you identify your specific barriers to joy and provide you with a holistic and dimensional approach in breaking down your stressors and building your customized work-life harmony plan!

    The modules

    The final step:

    Self Assessment!

    You have unique circumstances. You will be guided through identifying factors that hinder you from engaging in routines, roles, and activities that will improve your work-life harmony. You will be introduced to the ‘just-right’ challenge and how you can TAKE ACTION on a daily, consistent basis to manage stress and be present every day. You will be able to identify what types of pursuits are worthwhile for you based on your skills and interests- one size does not fit all!


    Are you ready to revamp your joy and
    invest in your mental health??

    Get started TODAY to improve your work-life harmony.

    When you join, you get exclusive digital access to the whole course, resource toolkit, workbook to create your personalized stress management plan, and a goal setting guide.

    PLUS, Erika will email you each month with member only newsletter tips and resources!