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So why only two items under each Weekly Practice? Because implementing new habits and activities into your routine take time to stick. It’s best to start small and be consistent when making changes in your life so that you can master that new habit or activity before you go on to the next!

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Introducing your Ultimate Free Burnout Prevention Guide for Healthcare Professionals!

This awesome guide is PACKED full of tips are strategies to deal with the specific stressors of the healthcare industry. You’ll learn stats on healthcare professional burnout, what burnout is and how its caused, stigmas and myths, compassion fatigue prevention, 8 lifestyle changes to combat burnout, and more!

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No more running around like a chicken without a head, draining your wallet, regrettable hangovers, #SundayNightScaries- this free guide will steer you towards a beautiful and refreshing weekend!! 😁

Get your  LIT UP LIFE 2018 GUIDE to plan for the year in a strategic way to ensure success in reaching goals by putting a PLAN and ACTION behind your dreams  So sit down with a cup of coffee or tea (or a mimosa!) and get to planning to make this your most incredible, focused year! 

Struggling with masking your stress and anxiety with emotional eating? Learn about your triggers, why we fall into these eating patterns, steps to overcome it, and how to foster self-love💓 in this emotional eating guide ! 

What makes you YOU? We can’t deny that our nervous system plays a role in that.  Would you describe yourself as anxious? Do certain textures bother you? Are you overwhelmed by the loud coworkers? Are you clumsy and fall/trip frequently? Do you have rituals and routines so you can avoid certain things?

Find out your Sensory Story in this quickie quiz that reveals if you are a sensory seeker, avoider, sensitive, have low registration, or a mix! After you take the quiz, get your results sent to your email along with a FULL SENSORY TOOLKIT! Learn strategies and tips to give your body + brain what it needs so then you can focus better at work, improve your relationships and routines, and be at your most optimal state of alertness!

Need new + refreshing ways to de-stress? This little freebie shares five creative ways of de-stressing that you may have never tried or overlooked! This is PERFECT for shaking things up a bit 😛 Give yourself permission to take care of your mind and body to de-stress in ways that light you up! 

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