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Hello beautiful world!

I’m Erika del Pozo MOT, OTR/L

  • Occupational Therapist
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Founder and CEO of Joy Energy Time
  • Travelholic, pineapple lover, handstand enthusiast

I’m a Miami girl with a passion for helping others and big dreams of taking my knowledge and expertise in Occupational Therapy into the online world!

Are you a healthcare provider? Suffer from work related stress? Burnout? Anxiety? Guuurl (or boy), I’ve been there, and I know what its like. I went the traditional route once before. Therapy, meds, retreats, disapproving friends and family members telling me to “get over it”. Nothing quite worked.

Using my knowledge and strategies I learned from OT and other sources, combined with a little (ok, alot) of brainstorming, I was able to help myself get through these awful feelings and become a more lit up version of myself. It’s a never ending process, I don’t believe anyone is ever “done” improving themselves. Now I bring what I’ve learned to other healthcare providers through my courses, webinars, and loads of free content! Check us out!

Why listen to an OT? Because we are equipped with the knowledge and training to help with mental health and wellness!

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